Spring; a mirror to what is going on inside us!

I can only speak for myself, but have heard enough others mention what a claustrophobic winter it was, with that bitter cold and tons of snow. Like the bear I wrote about in my last post; we were in hibernation mode. That is necessary at times, eh? (Not only in the winter, but some stray days or weeks here or there we may need to retreat as well for necessary reflection, recovery, rejuvenation. )

But now Spring is here in really full force. Pollen covers our cars up here in New England, and most of us are coughing as we breath in what has not landed on the car, roof, windows or earth :). We see trees that a few weeks ago still were struggling to pop out a fat bud or teeny tiny tender green leaf, today
in fresh, full regalia of perfect delicate spring green. They shout out their aliveness, and shimmer and sparkle out their joy when the breeze blows through their dewy dawn leaves. The river here provides a perfect environment for the plants, trees and animals. An ecosystem that works! A win for the plants, animals and me. I love to witness it all; especially the Spring.

What do I mean when I say it is a mirror to what is going on inside us? Well, the entire world is a mirror in the first place, so naturally Spring would be as well. Every season is, every day is, every person and event is, if we are aware enough, wise enough, to read what is around us and check in with ourselves to see how the Universe is showing us things about ourselves. One huge clean, clear mirror!

Trouble is too many of us do not realize the world is a mirror. They have not been taught that. They see the world as something “outside” of themselves; “other than” themselves. “You” out there, are different from “the me” inside themselves. So we think. Until, we learn to think other ways, or shall I say, “other-WISE”. I did not learn that the world was a mirror until I was in my 40’s. What a revelation it was! And it still is!

Spring is about coming out of the darkness. It is about coming to life again after being in some sort of “seeming” dormant or death like phase. It is about emerging, or re-emerging. It is about growing.
That reflects the growth that is always waiting to emerge within us. We all have many areas in our lives where we are growing. The physical is so obvious, yes, and the mental, especially as we watch babies develop, learn skills and language. Then there is the emotional range that we experience and learn about.
(Not nearly as much as we could, unfortunately, as there is so much “stuck-ness” on this learning planet that could be eliminated if we could just learn to feel, really feel ALL of our emotions, experience them, deal with them at their most potent and juiciest truth, and them LET THEM GO. We would heal, instead of “hide”). And we have an energy system within and around us that wants to grow and develop as well. It wants to learn how to be of more service to us and to the world, to bring loving touch and healing energy to others. Last but hardly least is our spiritual self which longs to grow into it’s fullness, to recognize all it is capable of, all the love it truly is at it’s core, and all the love it wants to express in myriads of ways to a world in dire need of it . We are fully human but not only human. We carry a Divine essence that is our life force and source. Without that part, there would be no me, no you. All of us needs to grown, not just our bodies, brains and energetic knowledge and emotions, but our Spirits. Like Sping, our Spirits want to burst out of our own dark times and spaces, and scream albeit “silently”; ” I’m ALIVE” and well in here and I want to express myself, my unconditional love, my passions, my infinite knowledge, my tenderness, my wild creativity, my connection to all live, my new and unlimited ideas and ever expansive thoughts.

Spring shows us how something magnificent, profound, gorgeous, powerful comes out of the hard, cold, darkness of winter. This outer manifestation shows us what can and what wants to come out of us. Out of our smallness can come greatness. Out of our surrender to the natural rhythms and processes of life can come, will come greater life, profound growth and awesome fruits. We just need to be able to trust the Universe enough to work in and through us. No point really trying to fight the Universe :). If you can’t fight city hall, you surely are not going to win trying to fight the Universe, so why not just learn how to sit still for a bit, go within and listen to what your spirit is trying to communicate to you, what the world, your surroundings are trying to show you? Listen to the words you hear during the day, from the people around you, and don’t discount the young, or seemingly trivial encounters you have. It is all a reflection of what is going on inside of you and what needs to be taken to heart; paid attention to, acted upon. Spring comes out of the silent winter. You emerge more and more authentic as You go into your quite, and come out wiser and brighter, more loving and powerful, more unlimited and more creative, every time you “spring” into more of your authentic life.

Let Spring, this year, be the best and most significant Spring you have ever experienced. Let it bring you into full contact with your Divine Essence and a realization of who you really are and what you came here for and to do. What have you come here on Earth to learn? What have you come here on Earth to share, give, do. When you know, take those inspired steps, one by one, confidently, in the direction of your full blossoming into Your most awesome Wholeness. Blossom into your own personal Spring, and let the light of the Universe shimmer and sparkle through your eyes and radiate through your body. Let others wonder who and what they are seeing, as surely it is far, far more than the body you currently inhabit.

Today, sit in the quite and look at the world, and see how it is reflecting what is going on inside of you. Become aware of what is ready to be born, to emerge from within. What are you longing for, what are the desires in your deepest heart? What is needing to be expressed? Let today be a day of glorious growth for you. Let the Spring out there, show you the Spring within and just wait until you see the outcome!

With the excitement of my own Spring,

Bear Sighting! What does it have to do with life coaching?

Well, I’ll tell ya!

Coaching is about helping the client to be able to identify the “core beliefs” they carry in their minds, both consciously and sub-consciously. Then to “weed out” (of the metaphorical garden of their lives) the ones which are keeping the client stuck in unhappy situations, unfulfilling jobs/careers, harmful, unloving or respectful relationships, etc.  After weeding the limiting or deleterious thoughts OUT, the client then learns how to turn that negative thought into a “growing edge ” positive and very personal affirmation. Then to “Practice” saying that until it integrates into their lives. When it does, the client will begin to see their lives shift in a much better direction. They begin to manifest outcomes that are pleasing! Oh, how amazing! And really quite simple once one knows what to do and actually DOES IT!

So, how this applies to my bear sighting; I have been “practicing” my positive affirmations, as usual, but it seems that there has been a quickening in my ability to create, or manifest that which I am affirming positively!  This week of my 66th birthday, I have experienced things coming to me, that I have wanted to have in my life.  The more positive I was in my daily living, the more I attracted what I needed or preferred.  The more grateful I was for finding things, seeing things, or experiencing things, more more “other” things began to come in.

For example, I have been affirming that I am “peaceful” at heart, (a turn around from being “anxious” about life in general, certain people I love very much who I get concerned about, the crazy world political situations, the people who are suffering all over the world from various calamities like hunger or earth quakes or quacky government officials and their lust for power and war, all this, etc.)  The result is I have been letting go of the anxiety, realizing , of course, that I can change only myself and must truly leave the rest of it up to the Universe/God and the other individuals, to be taken care of in their own ways in divine timing. It really is all about Trusting the Universe.  (Gosh, it got along all these million or billions of years without me, so I guess it will continue on doing whatever it’s perfect bigger plan is!)

I manifested parts of things in my home which had been missing, misplaced, maybe thrown out, I did not  know. Parts to gadgets, cords to phone/camera to computer, etc. I found papers I needed, lids to pots, and some old photos (always a treat!)  I found lost earrings to complete the pairs. I got my printer working the right way after years of it NOT doing so.  I found just the right buyer for two displays that had been taking up precious space in my garage. That was a win win.  A former coaching client came back for a “refresher-reminder” session . (He had been on my mind of late.) And, I was reminded how many really good, loving, caring people are in my life in a peripheral way. Well over 100 of them reached out to me on my birthday, and it felt very good to be contacted.

And then there was “the bear”.  I love nature; the earth, plants, sky, cloud formations, the insects and animals. It is all just so really fascinating, cool, fun, interesting and awesome to me; their physical appearances, their life cycles, their determination to live and survive. But the bear is particularly exciting for me to see. Where I grew up, there were no bear, so it is different to be living in the black bear capital of Connecticut!   The cub was running down a large, emerald green spring, hilly field of grass.  Maybe 2 years old, and just flying, fully free and having FUN! It gave me joy to see the cub.

So what is it that bring you joy? What do you see in your life daily, what do you do or who do you interact with that bring you joy? Are you allowing joy in? Are you able to identify thoughts that limit you and the joy you were meant to experience in your life? Can you then turn them around into positive affirmations and then eventually feel the joyous fulfillment of experiencing that which you want and prefer in your precious life?

If you need some help with manifesting a life more in alignment with “juice and joy”, your higher self’s desires for you, contact me and I will do a complimentary coaching session with you over the phone or here in my home office if you live near by.  There is no reason to keep living in unhappiness or unfulfillment , in denial of your soul’s true calling in this lifetime.  We were designed to experience all the emotions, including JOY. Too many settle for “oh, I’m “hangin’ in there”. “I am o.k”.  “I can deal with it.”  “I am still above ground, so must be o.k.”

No, not o.k.  Most people stay in such life experiences because they don’t know that anything else is possible. They don’t realize that they have the ability to re-create their life experiences and get from where they are, stuck in some not so appealing way, to where they would rather be. I remember reading in the Bible; “My people die for lack of knowledge” and I know that is so. People all around , dying slow, quiet, emotional deaths, because they do not know that they have an alternative.  That is surely a sad, depressing thought, but also one that can and must be changed. People need to learn that there is such a thing as healing, becoming free of the past conditioning that was likely the culprit as to why they are living the way they have, limited, hurting, dealing, dragging themselves through each day.

Coaching is one healthy alternative to staying stuck in the muck; avoiding joy, and dealing instead of healing.  It is the one which helped me most in my life, and inspired me to become a life coach. I have seen it help hundreds of others in big ways. If you want to know a bit more, check out my life coaching website;


And now, I feel I am complete with this, so will shower and go about to see what my next manifestation of  goodness will be!

Brightest Blessings to you, Jeanne

A Fresh Start; April 9, 2015

question-mark-10030121  Oh boy, Spring is here and it’s time to throw off the Winter Blues and shackles. It is time to be free of the past, the things that have weighed us down and kept us stuck.

What will that mean?   It can mean the creation of all new things. New moves within our careers or work life, new projects to start, new people to meet and get to know, new ways to earn money, new ways to relate to one another, new ways to eat for better health and a daily feeling of good energy and wellness.

It will be what you choose to focus on.  Pretty simple. Focus on what you want to create and have in your life.  The thing is too many of us, too much of the time focus on that which we have that we do NOT want to continue in our lives.  We focus on the negative, the lack, the jerk who pesters us, the fat, the bad hair day, the worse financial situation.  How crazy is that?

Focusing on what we wish to create just takes awareness and commitment to yourself and your dreams.  It takes turning around the negative or limiting self beliefs, or beliefs about the world, and re-structuring them into positive statements and thoughts, which evolve into our “belief system”, and become new, empowering CORE Beliefs.

Coaching helps with this. It has helped me and I now, in turn, help others to create new realities.  I help them to take an honest look at where they are, to actually SEE and feel that discomfort and then help guide them to “their happy place”.I love the quote that “it takes one who has been IN the darkness, to lead someone out”. (do not know who said it, but, it is true!)

If you would like to know more about my coaching; please visit my website at; http://www.coachjeanneprom.com and check it out.Let me know if you are interested in booking a complimentary coaching session to see if coaching is what you need now in order to create a fresh start for yourself this spring.  See how it feels to be in a session, and how feeling safe allows you to open up to things you need to release , as well as new things you may want to and need to open up to.

I love coaching and look forward to helping people who know they want to change and just don’t know how!  It is not hard. It is exciting, energizing, motivating, exhilarating, educational and freeing!  Nothing to fear, but staying stuck where you don’t want to be!

Today. Is it time for your Fresh Start?

Onward, always onward.


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Soul to Sole

Kevins sock puzzle.

Now here is ONE committed coaching client!  His internal search for information and clarity about his life’s purpose and calling is mirrored on the outside. 🙂  During his session  I looked down, and noticed his socks.   How could one NOT? ” How fitting”, I said , “that you are putting the pieces of your life together and even your socks are mirroring that back to you!”

What fun our UNconscious mind can  have with us when we tune in and  notice.  The Universe has an enormous sense of humor.  Tune in today.  Have a good chuckle when you realize how it is “playing” with you!

Quick note,  Remember,  regarding  communication. (whether between the Universe and you , or you and  other people)  that only about  13% of what we communicate is vocal, the other 87% is through feelings, visual, attitude, body language, etc.

What is your Soul saying to YOU today?

Is something Changing for you? Go with it! February 11, 2014

Change.  Something has to change around here. Something IS GOING TO change around here.  There are going to me some new changes coming about this week.  I have had a change of mind, oh and by the way, my heart has changed the way it feels about something.

You are being transferred, your child is moving away, your investments just plummeted, your childcare provider is quitting, Dr. has you on a new prescription, your partner wants out, your body is stressed out, you want some assurance that you are going to be ok.  You want to perhaps know you will be in the same place next week or next year…. it’s “sorta” comfortable there; we know the place well, been there for years.   Or, you want to know you WON’T be in the same place next week or next year!


It has a way of shooting an invisible dart right into the middle of our stomach.  You have felt it.

Oh, my  God, what “uncomfortable” thing is going to happen NOW?  Many times we  anticipate that the change will be bad, hard, difficult, scary, require more courage than we have, maybe even money or time away from our normal activities or families.

How did it ever come to be that we tend to have a more negative concept of change than a positive one?  Why don’t we immediatley react with ; “Change is coming? Ohhhhhh, fantastic, yet another opportunity for adventure, intellectual and emotional expansion, time for me to discover more about life, science, art, history, politics, psychology, music, or about ME!!!!   Hey, I am IN. Give to me, CHANGE!”

It does not matter really, how it came to be that we humans get that feeling in the stomach when we hear the word change, or when we “sense” that change is coming.  What matters is that we learn that change is a normal and definite part of life. We can learn to be excited about the changes, instead of frightened of them.

The Unknown…..whoooooo.  It can be and often is the best thing that has happened to us in a long time.  I remember being so afraid to leave home and my mother when it was time for kindegarden. I was a wreck.  That didn’t last long though as I realized school and being with the other children was actually fun!  I lived through that change. We all did, lol.

As life progressed we learned that changes came often.  Some we liked and some “not so much”.   When our bodies changed and matured, we thought that was pretty cool.  The young girls “triple A” first bra was a fantastic change.  Maybe for the guys the facial hair was a real sign of manhood coming on strong.  The teachers changed, the subjects changed, sometimes our homes changed, divorces happened, people died, our ideas about life were evolving.

And today we are here. Wherever that is, and, we have had to learn a lot to get this far. But have we really learned to “FLOW WITH CHANGE”?  allow that which is meant to be, necessary for our continued personal growth and evolution, to come to us without causing us anxiety, stress, or fear?  Have we finally realized that somehow, on some level, whether consciously or subconsciously , WE have been the ones who have instigated and called for the changes in our lives?

We are the co-creators of our lives. We have “free will” and can think freely whatever we want.  Our thoughts are extremely powerful. More of them are subconscious than conscious but either way they have enormous power as they create within us, FEELINGS.  You know if you think scary thoughts, you “feel”  butterflies (or worse) in your stomach….. you feel nervous, ill at ease, a bit uncomfortable.  If you think uplifting, encouraging, empowering thoughts, you “feel” strengthened, you feel capable, positive, good about yourself or your tasks at hand.  Thoughts create feelings and FEELINGS CREATE OUTCOMES.  In this way you are co-creating with the Universe, your life.  You think, feel, manifest. Think, feel, manifest.

Knowing change is likely coming for you again soon, if not already in the NOW, how would YOU like to experience it?  Would this be the day, month, year, for you to make a positive, powerful shift from experiencing change as a scary, negative or frighening thing, to one you actually anticipate with open arms , mind and heart?  It sure dumps the stress if you go with the flow of what is natural and embrace change, rather than fighting it. You will never win that battle.

When you jump into the FLOW of life, and stop the resistance of what needs to be for your hightest and best good, you will find a happiness, a JOY and a freedom you will LOVE!  You will feel lighter, and look brighter, and go places you have never been. Places which will allow you to discover more and more of who you really are; the ESSENCE of YOU.  The magnificence of you. The multifacetedness and multidimensionality of you.   Wow, yes, it’s all available to us as we evolve, and it takes our willingness to change in order to evolve.

Let go of the fear. Let go of the past. Let go and goooooooo withhhhh the flllllooooowwwwww of LIFE.

Wonders await you that you have not even been able to consider yet….. Yes. They do.

Here we gooooo!

Blessings to you, Jeanne

Manifestation Homework Assignment ; Accomplished!

Just for my class and fyi;

We were to manifest a “purple heart”……. and I did. In the weirdest way.

I was driving north to  Costco with a friend. We passed the right exit on the highway and had to get off at the next exit.

That road took us back south to Costco on the local “highway” called;   “Purple Heart Memorial Highway”……

Now, is that wacko weirdo strange or not?  We would NEVER have seen that sign had we not overshot our exit….. and to boot, the
“Purple Heart Memorial Highway” is a road I have been on often but never KNEW it was called that. I just thought is was Route 5.

So, I did the assignment I put out to the class; in less than 24 hours….. It did not need to be a geometric purple heart; it just had to be “purple heart” in sound or in color/design or words, or whatever……

Now, if I can manifest the larger and more significant desires, ahhhhhh wouldn’t THAT be awesome.

I am workin’ on it  :)….

What can you readers share about what YOU have been able to “manifest” with your focued intend and desire????? Do tell!!!!

Conscious Manifestation Course; Started January 9th…… FINALLY!

Well… for about 15 years, I have been wanting to teach others about the manifestation process. I had been reading dozens if not hundreds of books along the line of creating our own realities. Prior to  my discovery of such material, I was not really aware that we were really “co-creators” with the Universe/ Divine/ God….. as you will. Unfortunately, I must have just “ass-ummed” that I was a victim….. HORRORS.

Horrors….. and how UNTRUE that is.  None of us are victims. We are all capable of creating our lives the way we would like them.  Trouble has been for many or most of us is that we have not known this. We didn’t learn it .

Did your parents knowingly sabotage you? NO…. of course not. Did your kindegarden teacher purposely plan seeds of doubt and negativity in your young , developing, spongelike mind? NO.  Maybe your music teacher just wanted to ruin your life and tell you that you were “tone deaf”? I don’t think so. Or, maybe it was your art teacher who said you had no artistic talent?  Hell no. No one tried to ruin your life on purpose. They simply did not know any better. Their parents probably knew even less.

People ARE learning it now though.  The first coaching program I was certified in was called; Empowerment . It was a 5 day 40+ hours for the week, and in that week, I shifted into a massively different place in life. My eyes , brain and heart were all opened to  TRUTH.  Lies and illusions began falling like rain and were washing out and away. How fabulous was that!!!!!!

For all these years, I have been interested in and excited about the reality of “who” we really are and how much power we really DO have .  The more I read different authors and listened to myriads of tapes and then CD’s the more deeply I KNEW this was info that was essential for everyone to know.  Of course I wanted those in my family and other loved ones to “get it”, and then anyone and everyone else next.

BUT…. this awareness of our greatness and power can’t come to those who are not ready to receive it yet. Some people want to cling to their belief that they are a victim.  They want to blame their parents, bosses, the environment, government, their children, spouses, diseases, etc.  You have heard of people who are comfortable in their DIScomfort, as it is “familiar” to them.

Human beings in general find “change” , even if it is  a good one, something they would rather avoid!

If you want to experience life differently in any area; your relationships, your career and or finances, your body’s health, weight, capabilities, you will have to make some “changes” .  It may be a bit “uncomfortable” stretching yourself off the “dot” you have been stuck on, but it is so so soooo worth it.  You can’t solve any problem from the same state of mind that created it, so if you have dreams, desires, adventures you want to experience, you best get ready for some change.  Look forward to it with excitement instead of being fearful, afraid, or feeling about it. Turn the negative into a positive!

The Course I am facilitating will continue on now for 8 weeks.  The women participating come from different backgrounds and range in age from 55-65. Isn’t it great that we women are still seeking to expand our horizons for better health, relationships, prosperity and adventure, fun, joy!  Our first session was very successful and fun!  Humor is an ingredient I always find makes learning more fun and alive, or JUICY…. so we do laugh alot as we learn.

My desire is for this Conscious Manifestation Course to be so powerfully and “cosmically”  inspired, energizing, exciting and productive for us all that  I can post many exciting “manifestations” to get you all more interested and excited about creating the life of YOUR dreams.  That you step more and more boldly and confidently into self empowerment and self realization.

If you read my blogs, please comment!  It helps to have “interaction”.  There needs to be a give and take; a flowing out as well as a flowing IN of energy.  If there are questions you have, please ask and I will answer as best I can or find an answer for you.

I want for us all to have an excellent new year of 2014.  We can do it. Take your life into your own hands; do NOTgive your power away or squander it with activities, people or projects that are not fulfilling, positive or enlivening/enlightening. And most of all be gentle with yourself , loving with yourself….. only then can you be that way with others.

Brightest Blessings, Jeanne

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