Everything You Need Will Come to You at the Perfect Time…..

I posted this quote on my facebook page and had a few responses. They in turn made me want to respond in more depth. I started on facebook but realized that it needed more space so here I go;
How do I feel about this statement, “Everything you need will come to you in perfect time.”?

Some times I would quip back at that with a sarcastic, painful, “Yeah, sure”. But that is not the real me. Not the me that knows better. Instead it would be my small, ego self, stomping it’s foot because it was not getting what it felt it should have fast enough, or, perhaps at all. That part of me that feels separate, alone, not worthy. So, of COURSE I would not be getting what I asked for; as my underlying, deeper down, or “core” belief is one of “un-deserving” or “un-deservability”.

Thank the Creator that we do not all get what we “think” we want, especially in the timing we think we want it in.
I believe that would create more disasters than we can even imagine. Don’t you? “Oh, I need a break”, you say. Well, not having been “clear” (then Universe responds to what we put out there), we could end up with a break alright; it could be our kitchen faucet, the leg of a chair, or our leg due to slipping on that well known banana peel.

The quote above says everything we NEED will come to us at the perfect time. We may think we NEED something, or someone or some healing, when in reality, what we NEED is to learn the particular lesson that “NOT having that” is trying to teach you. Read that again, if you are not really familiar with that concept. Ask yourself, “what is it that I need to learn now, in the space of “not having” the ie; money, mate, healthy body/weight, etc? What is it I need to learn and integrate into my KNOWING, my new CORE BELIEFS, that will then help me move on, forward, in a healthier, stronger way?” Learn, integrate, move on!

If we say we need a relationship, that may all be well and good for the future, but for the NOW, (which is all we ever really have) the “relationship” that we MOST need is to discover and nurture the relationship we have with ourselves. Do we even really know who the hell WE are? Never mind wanting to add another person to our personal intimate equation……. who will not know who THEY are, EITHER. Like attracts like. Birds of a feather fly together. In this case, learning who WE are is the foundation stone to later building a healthier, happier, much more fulfilling, deep, truthful, intimate relationship with another.

You may say, “Well, I am asking for something for someone else; THEY need to be healed!”. You don’t really know what their life purpose or plan is. Probably neither do they at this point, but that is not anyone’s business but theirs. Like you, like me, they came here by choice, (the free will component, remember!) and they, like us, chose certain things that they wanted to learn, to experience.

I don’t know why I chose SOME of the things I chose, so I can certainly not clearly understand why others would choose what they chose. Apparently I needed to experience breast cancer at age 27, in order to call me back to discover the authentic self I had never known, and was losing more and more of. That dis-ease, dis-comfort, was only the beginning of a very long journey back to connecting with my TRUE, empowered self. I am still on that journey, but certainly much further along. I am way up some metaphysical, metaphorical mountain, and I can see the valley below, and I can see what looks to be the peak, but it is still a way to go, and mist and clouds prevent me from seeing clearly. HOWEVER, I know I am up high, my soul and my “soles” feel it. I also know I am NOT turning back.

So, maybe someone needs healing NOW, but if they do not get it as we THINK they should, then maybe “we need” to change our beliefs about what is needed. Maybe we can begin to see the blessing in the mess. Not easy at first, or maybe ever, but what “IS”… is there for a reason. Not forever, but as a teacher.

I have several teachers in my life now, and I ask to learn the deeper reasons why this or that has not come about yet. Why, altho teetering on the edge of a heavens high cliff, I have not been whisked off by a Divine wind, to Flyyyyyyyyyyy. (to see the fruits of my labors, my desires, my intentions, plans, etc.) Lesson; I must still need to build up some spiritual muscle. Truth; I must not be quite ready. Truth, there is more to learn, internalize, real-ize, and claim as my own. Truth, there is something, somethings, yet, I need to let go of. (Some beliefs about myself that are keeping me small, keeping me folded up, safe in my known life, safe by myself, where no one can hurt me, safe where I can do my own schedule and things without interference or judgement from others. The list of things to let go of, is long, gee whiz…. if I don’t let go I may have to teeter of the edge of flying for alot longer. Better get to the work of letting go NOW. Be courageous and let it all go in one fell swoop. Yeah….. sounds GOOD. Juicy. Right!!!!)

Maybe we think we need a different job. Maybe that is true. Or is it that some sort of honesty in the current job place could improve things. If you feel you need to get away from a person at work, a manager, boss, director, associate, whatever, first look at that other person as a mirror. What is it that pushes your buttons about that other person? They are a very personal way the Universe (God) tries to show you what you can be like, and how unappealing it can be. (OR APPEALING, as mirrors can show positive attractive characteristics or negative ones, but we are talking about the negative ones here.) Maybe, probably…. the first change that “needs” to happen is one within. THEN, after realizing what is really going on, a new, different, more balanced, healthy relationship can develop. Maybe no job switch is really needed after all, but if it is, you are in a much better place to do so.

If you “need” more money, (who doesn’t?) maybe you need to realize you have not been truthful with yourself about your true desires, your real passion. Maybe you never wanted to be the lawyer your family members unconsciously (or consciously) pushed you into becoming. Maybe you wanted to go into landscaping, work outside in grubbies, and get your hands dirty, love the fragrances of the shrubbery, the art of pruning, the smell of the earth, the rain on your face, etc. The greater lesson isn’t about having more money, it’s about doing what you LOVE to do, and having the honesty, the truth , the juice of it, attract people because of it’s high vibrational pull. Your “money” comes with attracting happy, repeat customers, who refer you to many others, and your business grows and your money comes in effortlessly while you pursue your happiness and love of the land, earth, plants, trees, bushes, flowers, etc.

Regarding needing money, being truthful with who you are and what you really really really want to do is only one part of a lesson. Another part could be that those who want, need more money have lessons to learn regarding attracting, or earning money, or about managing the money they do have, about paying bills in a timely fashion, or about not spending money they do not have, about abusing credit cards, or being foolish with the money they had. Money lessons come in all different shapes and sizes. Money can come to us easily when we believe be deserve it to come in without stress or effort. We emanate out deservability and money can flow in like water down a rapidly moving stream…. but if we emanate out “guilt” or “shame” about how we have handled money in the past, or debt, we will not attract money in to us.

I have touched upon getting the highest and best of what we need in the areas of relationships, health, career and money. Asking with the knowledge hidden in our hearts and not the chatter from our overworked heads, is how we begin to receive. Our hearts have awesome intelligence, and it’s up to us to learn how to tap into that part of us.

It seems like it is time for the learning of Heart Intelligence to expand all over the globe. I am doing my part by being enrolled in the Accelerated Awakening Academy with Christian Pankhurst, winner of Britain’s Top Coach contest.
What I am learning this year is helping me move higher up that mountain I spoke of earlier in this post. I see many that I know climbing up as well, and many, many, many more, down below that may need the encouragement from those of us who started our journey a bit sooner. We are here. Willing to share what we know, and knowing that we, I, myself have so much more to learn. But….. I see others ahead of me, offering me the same I offer to those below me. I see huge, radiant smiles on their faces and a most brilliant, sparkling, magnetic light, coming from their hearts.

I follow. I know I am on the right path.

Come on, let us continue. It’s all good. Everything you Need … WILL… come to you at the Perfect Time.

Love, Jeanne

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